Get Home Sooner With Rapid Recovery Hip Replacement

Dr Scott Tulloch and Dr Rodda

With the government’s recent decision on elective surgery, many patients are relieved to know that they can finally receive their joint replacement operation. It is important to know though, that not all joint replacements surgeries yield the same results.

There are different techniques an orthopaedic surgeon can use, which will affect their patient’s length of recovery time in hospital. My preference is the minimally invasive, anterior hip replacement method as it helps my patients get up and start moving quickly, which is important for both their psychological and physical wellbeing. Some of my patients have even been discharged from hospital the same day they were admitted.

Rehabilitation at home is ideal for most patients as it allows them to recover comfortably and in familiar surroundings. It also helps patients get back quickly to the physical activities they enjoy.

Long stays in hospital are generally not necessary or desired.  Talk to your orthopaedic surgeon today to see if rapid recovery joint replacement is right for you.

Dr Daevyd Rodda
Orthopaedic Surgeon