Telehealth contactless appointments

In response to the Australian Federal Government and the World Health Organization’s advice, Victorian Orthopaedic Group is offering Telehealth consultations for both existing and new patients. Our clinic staff will organise an appointment for any patient who wants an Orthopaedic consultation via phone or video conference.

This is specifically advantageous for the elderly, anyone in isolation/quarantine, and for those at high risk of becoming infected with COVID-19, although is available to anyone who would like to avoid an in-person consultation.

You can book an appointment by completing our booking form on this page or call our office directly at 03 9853 7099.

What is telehealth?

It is a consultation with your healthcare provider using communication technology like phone, video calls and emails. Telehealth allows an appointment to occur when the doctor and patient are not in the same physical location.  It provides a contactless consultation in the safety and comfort of your own home.

What do I need?

If your consultation is via telephone, you will need to make sure you have access to a free line for the duration of the consult.

If your consultation will be conducted via video conference, first, you will need an internet connection, whether it be Wi-Fi or a cell phone with internet capability. Second, you will need a device such as a desktop computer, a tablet (i.e.: an iPad), or a mobile phone with web camera and speakers (most smartphones have this feature already).  You will also need an email address where we can send instructions.

*Note: You do not need any special software.  We will email you a link that will connect you directly to your consultation.

How does it work?

Once you have booked an appointment, one of our office staff will contact you to confirm your booking and provide you with guidance and instructions on how the appointment will work. Before you see the doctor, we will test that this type of appointment is suitable to use with the devices you have at home.

Is telehealth effective?

Telehealth has been successfully used to diagnose certain ailments, aid in pain management recommendations and even provide prescriptions for patients, without them ever having to come into the clinic. Beyond its capability to provide contactless appointments, it is perfectly suited for patients who live in regional, rural, and remote parts of Australia seeking medical advice.

The benefits of telehealth (according to Queensland Health)

  • Improve patient access to health care.
  • Reduce travel and inconvenience for patients, families, carers and health professionals.
  • Provide health professionals with access to peer support and education.

You can book an appointment by completing our booking form on this page or call our office directly at 03 9853 7099.

Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to call the office for my Telehealth appointment?

There is no need to contact our office. When the doctor is ready to attend the consultation, we will contact you directly at your prearranged contact details.

2. What if I do not receive a call at my appointment time?

The doctor is still seeing patients both via telehealth and in-person so there is a possibility he is running late, or even early. Please be available for your consult 30 minutes prior to the appointment and 30 minutes after, just as you would an in-person consultation.

3. Do I need a video-capable device?

You will only need a video-capable device if it is appropriate for your consultation. If you are seeing the doctor for the first time, it is optimal to have video capability, although we can accommodate a telephone consultation if absolutely necessary.

Examples of video-capability platforms are:

      1. FaceTime
      2. Skype
      3. Zoom
      4. etc. Please let us know what platform you have access to and we will try to accommodate.