Six things you need to know about managing osteoarthritis

If you’re living with Osteoarthritis it can be debilitating and have a major impact on your quality of life. Being informed about your condition and using a range of strategies to help you maintain your health can help reduce pain, increase movement and go a long way to getting back to doing the things you… Read more »


What is the anterior approach for total hip replacement?

If you are experiencing debilitating osteoarthritis pain in your hip and you’ve tried everything, a total hip replacement can restore function and decrease pain. The contemporary approaches for hip replacement surgery are posterior, anterolateral and the anterior minimally invasive approach. When performed well, all of these approaches are likely to have an excellent result. My… Read more »

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No gap surgery for patients requiring joint replacement

New cooperation between private hospital operator, doctors and health insurer guarantees “no gaps” for patients having joint replacement surgery.