Hip and Knee Surgery, Zero Out-of-Pocket Expenses

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Joint replacement is among the most effective surgeries for improving quality of life, and more than 30,000 hip replacement and 50,000 knee replacement procedures are performed in Australia each year.

Now, thanks to a new initiative by Vermont Private Hospital in partnership with the Victorian Orthopaedic Group, Nexus and Medibank, together we can offer no out-of-pocket costs (besides hospital excesses if applicable) for some types of hip and knee replacement surgeries for eligible Medibank members.

Lead orthopaedic surgeon and director of Victorian Orthopaedic Group, says the new initiative was about providing a brighter future for patients with better outcomes.

“I’m a big believer in rapid recovery and providing the best environment for patients to heal and get their life back on track as soon as possible,”

“I specialise in a minimally invasive total hip replacement and rapid recovery total knee replacement and perform several hundred procedures each year. Experience and research tells us that with the right support, patients achieve better outcomes and a better healing experience when they recover in the comfort of their own home (1,2).

“It’s exciting to be part of this new initiative which through working together in partnership, we can provide a brighter future for our hip and knee surgery patients.”

Director of Nursing at Vermont Private Hospital, Fiona Langley, said her hospital is committed to working with surgeons to deliver superior patient care and surgical outcomes.

“We believe in creating a sustainable healthcare system, and are proud to be involved in developing a care model that gives patients certainty over both the level of care, and the costs involved in their surgery,” Ms Langley said.

“We want to provide the best value for patients with private health insurance and I’m grateful to Nexus and Medibank for working together with us to ensure this new initiative makes it possible for eligible Medibank patients to have no out of pocket medical costs.”

How does Zero Out Of Pocket (ZOOP) work?

  1. Pay no out of pocket costs– Nexus and Medibank have worked together to eliminate medical out of pocket costs for hip and knee replacement surgeries for eligible Medibank members. The program is available to Medibank members with appropriate cover, in consultation with their treating practitioner.
  2. Spend less time in hospital– Vermont Private Hospital’s innovative model of care means you can avoid a long stay in hospital, and have the option to recover in the comfort of your own home. Studies have shown that with the right support in place, patients have better outcomes and a better experience when they recover in the comfort of their own home.
  3. Get back on your feet faster– Nexus and Medibank are working together to support patients before and after surgery, including prehabilitation services prior to surgery (delivered by Nexus), and if clinically appropriate, offering Medibank at Home rehabilitation after surgery.

(Read the latest research on joint replacement techniques and recovery below.)

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Eligible Medibank Members may also have access to additional support before and after their hospital admission, including options for in-home rehabilitation with expert physiotherapy and other allied health support, when clinically appropriate. Nexus is offering eligible Medibank members zero out-of-pocket medical costs; contact Medibank to find out more. Hospital policy excesses still apply.


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About Vermont Private Hospital

Located 20km east of Melbourne’s CBD in Vermont South Medical Centre, Vermont Private Hospital is part of the Nexus Hospital Group.

It is renowned for its outstanding patient care and specialist orthopaedic focus. The purpose-built facility is equipped with the latest surgical technology, including four fully integrated operating theatres. Dedicated nursing and support staff are trained in orthopaedic care, and will take of your needs from admission to post-operative recovery.

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Download the a Zero Out of Pocket Brochure Here

For more information contact us via phone: 03 9853 7099 or email: reception@vicorthogroup.com.au




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