What Is The Anterior Approach For Total Hip Replacement?

doctor briefing patient for anterior approach for hip replacement

If you are experiencing debilitating osteoarthritis pain in your hip and you’ve tried everything, a total hip replacement can restore function and decrease pain.

The contemporary approaches for hip replacement surgery are posterior, anterolateral and the anterior minimally invasive approach. When performed well, all of these approaches are likely to have an excellent result.

My preference is to perform the anterior, minimally invasive approach for nearly all hip replacements. This is a technique that I teach to other surgeons and am quite passionate about.

My preference is due to the potential benefits of less pain, quicker recovery, lower dislocation risk and a smaller scar. Obviously, all approaches have potential complications as well.

In conjunction with your GP, choose a surgeon who is highly skilled in their preferred approach, not based on which approach they perform.

Your surgeon should make you feel comfortable with their recommended approach.

Always ask your surgeon the number of these procedures they perform and their outcomes. Never be afraid to ask for a second opinion if you are not comfortable.